Made by Liv

Grandmother Necklace in Gold or Sterling Silver


This family necklace was designed for Grandmothers to show off their Grandma status.

In the center I will link up to twelve genuine gemstones that represent the birthstones of each of Grandchild. The necklace in the photos was custom made for one lovely Grandma; yours will be a one of a kind piece that represents only your family. The clasp is also accented by tiny gold or silver beads.

Choose either gold filled or sterling silver at checkout.

Please provide the list of birthstones required and any preferred order in which they are to be placed. If no order is provided, I will do my best to create an attractive design for you and will provide a finished photo before shipping.

The length of this necklace is approx. 18" (46cm); however I would be happy to adjust the length for you at no additional cost. Please let me know if you prefer a different length.

This pretty necklace comes packaged in a small gift box, all ready for gift-giving.


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