Meet Jen, Artist & Owner of Liv Jewelry

Jennifer Robinson has always had a passion for creativity and family. The two came together in 2009 when she opened Liv, her home-based jewelry-making studio, which allowed her to fulfill her artistic goals, while spending more time with her daughter Lauren Olivia (after whom Jennifer named her company).

Jennifer’s lively pieces reflect her love of colour and working with real gemstones and freshwater pearls. Her tried-and-true favourites include labradorite, tourmaline, moonstone, and ametrine.  Whether adding a little flair to an everyday outfit, or making a stunning statement at the altar, Jennifer strives to create a design for every occasion.  “I love the creative process,” she explains. “I also enjoy sourcing materials and seeing what’s out there to get the ideas flowing.”

Awash with natural light and painted in rose quartz—a nod to her favourite colour— Jennifer’s home studio is also a source of inspiration. Every step of the process happens here, from designing to shipping. It’s a quiet space where Jennifer finds solace and peace with periodic friendly visits from her family, including their beloved retriever Indy.

From this intimate studio nestled in the heart of Muskoka, Jennifer’s pieces have been delivered to clients all over the world. “I have made friends in many countries over the years thanks to my work. I love knowing that my pieces have resonated with such a broad spectrum of people.” She also appreciates meeting fellow artists.  “The creative community is so supportive and other artists are always willing to help, share resources, offer encouragement and advice. I feel lucky to be able to do what I love for a living and that I can share my passion with others.”