Made by Liv

Necklace for Mom with Sterling Silver Handprint Charm


Perfect for this Mother's Day: custom jewelry designed just for your family.

This Mother's Day necklace celebrates your unique family, and makes a perfect gift for Moms of any age. In the center is a round sterling silver charm engraved with a small handprint. Hanging above the charm are up to three birthstones - one for each of her children. The clasp is accented with tiny silver beads.

The birthstones shown are amethyst and citrine; your necklace will contain the birthstones of your choice. If you have any questions about the correct birthstones for you, contact me and I would be happy to help.

Please include a list of the one, two or three birthstones required. If you need more than three stones, let me know and I will work out a price for your necklace.

This pretty necklace comes packaged in a small gift box, all ready for gift-giving.


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