Sterling Silver Necklace with Citrine Amethyst


Autumn jewelry is a challenge for me to make. Despite the fact that Fall is my favourite season, I don't gravitate towards traditional Fall colours. The oranges, browns, and reds are not my personal favourites. So most of my Autumn-themed jewelry will include rich golds, deep plums or dark purples. This cluster necklace contains all of these!

A round, mulberry-colored freshwater pearl forms the base of this pendant, and a tight cluster of garnets, rhodolite garnets, spessartite garnets, citrines, green tourmalines and amethysts forms the top. These gemstones range in color from dark red, to raspberry, to purple, to deep green and golden yellow; and these shades complement the pearl beautifully. Fine sterling silver chain completes the necklace, and the lobster clasp is attached using tiny garnets.

This necklace is approx. 18" (46cm) long. Please contact me if you would prefer a different length.

Your jewellery will be packaged in a small gift box. Gift wrapping is available upon request.


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