Rainbow fringe necklace


This design pairs sterling silver with all of the colours of the rainbow. Each stone dangles from short lengths of gemstone chain across the front of the necklace, forming a fringe pattern, and the colours are bright and so pretty. The reds are genuine rubies; the oranges are carnelian and orange quartz; the yellows are real citrine and yellow quartz; the greens are genuine peridots and green quartz; the blues are blue topaz and blue quartz, the purples are genuine amethyst and real pink amethyst; and the pinks are real pink tourmaline and pink quartz. Little silver beads connect the lobster clasp and a peridot gemstone decorates the very end of the chain. To further accentuate the boho look, layer this necklace with one or two shorter chains.

The length of this necklace is adjustable from 15 - 17" (38 - 43cm) long. The gemstone section hangs down an additional 3" at the very center.

Your jewellery will be packaged in a small gift box. Gift wrapping is available upon request.


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