Made by Liv

Long Silver Necklace with Blue Topaz Amethyst and Peacock Pearls - Silver Peacock


This versatile, long silver necklace can be worn many different ways, and has a distinctly bohemian style. At about 60" in length, it can be looped around your neck once, twice or even three times. It can also be wrapped around your wrist as a bracelet.

I have included several gemstones in this piece, including dark purple amethyst, navy iolite and sky blue topaz. Silvery-blue, grey peacock and dark peacock pearls add some interest as well. The combination of rich, elegant colours combined with the casual, relaxed feel makes this a truly unique piece of jewellery.

The length of this necklace is approx. 60" (152cm). Let me know if you are looking for a different length; I would be happy to help.

Your jewellery will be packaged in a small gift box. Gift wrapping is available upon request.

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