Made by Liv

Gemstone Cluster Bracelet for Autumn Brides - Fall Cluster


Originally a custom order, this gemstone bracelet turned out so well that I decided to add it to my collection. It is now my new favourite piece! Every Autumn color is used in this cluster bracelet, including red garnet, burnt orange hessonite garnet, golden citrine, honey quartz, olive green grossular garnet, and finally mint green prehnite. Each high-quality gemstone is wrapped by hand and attached to the chain in a loose, flowing cluster all the way around the bracelet. This style feels wonderful on your wrist, and it will sparkle as you move. A simple gold-filled toggle clasp secures the bracelet.

Available in sterling silver or gold-filled.

Choose your preferred length at checkout. If you require a different length than what is offered, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Your jewellery will be packaged in a small gift box.

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